A nurse consultant is a consulting nurse who is hired by medical facilities and hospitals to provide consulting and advisory services to other nurses and staff members. These nurses have specialized and experienced knowledge and skills and use them in a consulting form of service. A nurse consultant proposal is a formal document which is prepared by a nurse consultant to offer her services to a hospital or any other medical facility.

The proposal talks about the details of the services which the consultant shall be offering and also consists of a fee which the consultant expects. For your reference, a sample of a nurse consultant proposal has been given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Nurse Consultant Proposal

Nurse consultant name: Sarah Marshall

Age: 34 years

Contact number: 44703502

Email ID: sarahmarshall2014@gmail.com

Proposal presented to: Fredrick Earnest, Dean at Harvey International hospital

Proposal presented on: 10th April 2014

Proposal type: nurse consultancy service proposal

About the nurse consultant

I, Sarah Marshall am a registered nurse who has worked as a nurse for 10 years and gained specialized experience and knowledge. I then went on to gain further education which has made me capable of offering consulting services to hospitals and medical facilities. I have been working as a nurse consultant for 2 years.

Proposal statement:

I would like to offer my consulting services to your medical facility and hope that you will accept hiring a consulting who can properly guide your nursing staff and help other staff members in complex medical cases.


  • I am willing to work full time as a nurse consultant as I believe that only by staying close to the facility and medical cases can you fully offer advice and suggestions.
  • I am comfortable handling other nursing duties along with consulting services.

Salary expected for 1 month: $700