A nurse practitioner job proposal is a document written by a nurse practitioner who seeks a nursing position in a hospital or other healthcare units. The applicant is required to furnish all the legal documents in support of his/her eligibility for this position. He/she should have a training certificate in this area and should provide his/her experience certificate. He/sheshould make the job proposal interesting to attract the employer and provide all reasons why he/she should be preferred for this position.

Sample Nurse practitioner job proposal

Name of the hospital: Seattle grace Maternity Hospital.

Address: 23rd Reed Street, Atlanta, USA.

Name of the Applicant: Stacy Anderson.

Address: 12th new jersey, USA.

Proposal prepared on: 12th September, 2014.

Proposal submitted on: 15th September, 2014.

Purpose of proposal:

The purpose of this proposal is to showcase my work experience and my qualification, which in my opinion is suitable for this nursing position. I have previously worked as the head of the nursing department in a reputed hospital and have been appreciated for my efficiency in the concerned field. I have intensive training in maternity care and have specialization in critical child care.

Details of Nurse practitioner job proposal

Work experience: I have a 3 years’ experience in working as a nursing practitioner at New York Maternity care, USA and as head of the nursing department at New Orleans Maternity Hospital.

Educational qualification: I have done my bachelor’s in nursing sciences and have an advanced diploma in nursing management. I have a 9 months training certificate in maternity care and advanced training in critical child care from Colorado common hospital, USA.

Skill: Good communication and observation skill, ability to listen with patience and provide care and assistance, dealing with emotionally challenged and critical situations, ability to work effectively as a team, provide care and support to patients and their family.