A nursing project proposal must outline the chief requirements and services in a nursing project. It is given to hospitals and nursing homes by private nursing agencies as nursing is an inevitable part of treatment. Nursing project should be taken up with utmost integrity because it is nursing that cures a person and gives back a normal life.

Sample Nursing Project Proposal

Name of nursing agency: Professional Nursing Centre

Started in the year: 2006

Place of location: 34, Giant Avenue, California, US

Proposal given by: Zen Cold

Description of the agency:

  • We value health and supply nursing services to uphold the dignity of health.
  • We have female nurses and male wardens who are sent to health institutions and private homes for nursing.
  • Nurses join and work according to the shifts assigned by the authorities.
  • The servicemen are all aptly trained and experienced to serve an emergency need.

First client served: Columbia Hospitals in the year 2006

We are presently associated with reputed private hospitals where nurses and wardens are appointed by our agency. The hospitals are fully satisfied with our appointed employees and want us to increase the quantity of the services with more number of nurses. We are also considering a request from a client to keep provision of services by doctors. As hospitals fall short of reliable doctors and surgeons due to absence or non-availability, hospital authorities want us to give this a thought. We might start the service from next month.

Charges per nurse: $500 for part time nursing proposal

Charges per nurse: $1000 for full time nursing proposal