Nutrition education proposal is presented by an individual, group or organization depicting their idea about a nutrition education project or program and for which they require funding or other resources from a concerned authority. Such a proposal should be constructed with utmost precision and clarity so that it becomes successful in gaining acceptance from the desired audience.

Sample Nutrition Education Proposal

Proposal for workplace nutrition education project

Proposal presented by: Generic Healthline

Date of issuing the proposal: 3rd July 2011

Overview of the proposal:

The health of the employees directly influences their productivity, well-being and morale. Therefore, it is essential for them to maintain a healthy life which could be achieved by consuming nutritious foods and habits. Strategic corporate nutritious habits help both the employer and employee to maintain a healthy life.

Purpose of the proposal:

We solicit this proposal with an intention to educate corporate people for maintaining a sustainable healthy life through consumption of nutritious food.

Plans to be executed through the education program:

  • Would like to educate the employees of various sector regarding the role of the diet they must follow to endure the stress at the work place.
  • Should also educate the corporate people regarding the control factors which regulate the body metabolism and what nutritious food requires for increasing the effectiveness of those factors.
  • We have a plan to educate people about what nutritious food can be beneficial for their health according to work and what not.

Estimated Budget: $2500-$3000 approximately

Last date of proposal acceptance: 5th August 2011

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