Agencies for prospective or regular clients, freelancers, and advertising consultants are the ones entrusted with the job of writing online advertising proposal. The online advertising proposal should highlight the details of the product to be advertised, the budget for the same and other related details.  This proposal should be catchy enough to attract the attention of the service providers.

Sample Online Advertising Proposal

Advertising Proposal conducted by-

The New Age Advertising Agency

Client Information: Plato Inc., Morgan Freeman, Assistant Director, 19 Pennsylvania Street, UK 90890

Project: Promotion of launch of new line of men’s watches ‘Milano’

  1. Key recommendations – after assessing the resources and the brand image of the company, we recommend the following online advertisement campaigns-
    1. Advertisement of the brand ‘Milano’ with some of the choicest watches
    2. Introductory offer of 20% discount, available in any online store like etc
    3. Wide range of both men and women’s watch to choose from
    4. Advertisements in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin etc.
    5. General Marketing Strategy –
      1. The wide range of collection available at 20% discount will surely attract a lot of buyers from all over internet.
      2. The Social networking sites would practically inform people like students and service holders.
      3. The advertisement should me made available in high-traffic servers to ascertain a wider reach. Specifically, sites visited by the youth will be targeted.
      4. Budget for the advertisement- In between $10,000 to $ 25,000.
      5. Estimated time of the online advertisement- 1 to 3 years.