Online contract proposal is a proposal given and closed via online services. This is a trend that is being increasingly adopted by new-age businessmen to make the process of contract proposal and approval swifter and easier. It must be secured by an official with sound technological understanding and prior exposure to such transactions so that a legally and commercially expressive deal can be made.

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Sample Online Contract Proposal

Online Contract Proposal

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This online contract has been proposed in the presence of Sutherland Future Group or the contractor by Morgan Web Services or the client to execute the task of collecting and updating online news, to be validated on grounds of the following stipulations:

Contract overview: The contract will stand on the acceptance of the proposal on online news reporting and up-gradation of news blogs [annexure 1 contains the specific details and requirements of the work to be established]

Contact details: The contractor office is situated in 6, Baby Avenue, UK (contact number: 36727000). The client’s main building is located at 51, Rippon Road, UK (contact number: 32427789).

Legal considerations: The contract has to be drawn upon the observation and conformity of the Universal Online Service Legal Act (UOSA) which asserts that the terms and conditions stated under it must be conformed to. It may otherwise subject the violator to unpleasant legal consequences.

Payment procedure: The payment will be made on the 2nd day of every month from the month following the month of contract commencement and would be made through third party transactions via cheque.

Term: This contract would start from 5th January, 2011 and automatically close on 5th October, 2011.