An Online marketing proposal is an essential document which is used when any company wishes to conduct e-marketing or marketing through the internet. There are various methods that can accomplish this. The proposal contains an overview of how this internet marketing is done and the use of the various methods.

Sample Online Marketing Proposal

Online Marketing Proposal

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Methods that may be used:

  1. Search Engines: To access any type of website, people first search through search engines. Very few websites obtain their traffic in any other way. There are 3 types of search engines. They are –
    1. Spiders – like Google, Yahoo, MSN. These are the big three search engines which provide the most extensive results.
    2. Directories – For review, some websites are submitted to directories. They are regulated by people and hence sites with low content do not get any priority there.
    3. PPC – Pay per click search engines sell websites based on keywords that rank high, like as in an auction.
    4. SEO – is Search Engine Optimization. It alters the text and coding of a page according to the keywords and rephrases for better results.
    5. Link Popularity – Websites with lot of incoming links are considered popular links by Google.
    6. Online Marketing Management –
      1. Visitor tracking – This keeps a count of the visitors of the website, the keyword they used to find it and which pages were browsed by them.
      2. Website Updates and maintenance – The website should be updated regularly or it will not attract more traffic.