An online sales proposal is presented over the internet for the purpose of continuing a sales process of any particular product online, without the involvement of any physical buying and selling. All procedures involved in any particular online sales process is carried over internet.

Sample Online Sales Proposal

Name of the product: Grosz Rejuvenating Hair Vitaliser.

Product Description: Grosz is world famous Hair Product brand, off late it has launched its new product, the hair Vitaliser. It is a small bottle of 250 ml content and has a nozzle attached to it which facilitates the way of its application on the scalp without any irritation or discomfort. The Hair Vitaliser also contains no added refluciating chemical, so it is the best hair Vitaliser possible. Easy to carry anywhere in an attracting blue coloured bottle, it has passed seven tests of the Department of Hair Sciences, California and has been a recommended product of the dermatologists.

Price of the product: The product has a reasonable price of $ 75 so that it can be afforded by all.

Online sales process: The buyers can get all the details of the product at the following websites: www. Grosz Rejuvenating Hair, www. Grosz Hair From the said Web Pages the buyers can select the product and then enter their credit card number to confirm their buy. As soon as payment is done a confirmation mail will be send to the buyer and also the buyers address will be asked for so that the product is delivered within ten days.

Last date for accepting the proposal: 9th July 2011

Kindly note that the product will available online after 15days from the last date of proposal acceptance as mentioned above.