An organic chemistry research proposal is a document presented by an individual for depicting his or her need for researching on organic chemistry. Organic chemistry deals with vital organic chemicals like hydrocarbons and the efficient researchers are required for making a project or research successful related to this particular subject. Therefore, the proposal must outline the detail need of research work efficiently.

Sample Organic Chemistry Research Proposal

Name of the Organization: OSL Petroleum Company

Office address: 6 Lord Road, Salt city.

Nature of service:

  • Petroleum based products like fuel, aerosol sprays, home heaters, paints and varnishes.
  • Gasoline and naphtha are produced for industrial purposes.
  • Car engines are replaced.

Company background: Our company is a leading petroleum firm that excels in petroleum based products and other services. We embark and develop experiments, investigations and researches on a regular basis to keep informed of new technologies. At present 50 odd chemists work in our laboratory, who keep giving us suggestions on changes and improvisations and provide periodical feedback on our present quality and mode of services. Since our services entail hydrocarbon usage, the focus of such research works is on organic chemistry. We make this proposal of joining our company as a research chemist. The details are provided below:

  • Pay: Remuneration will be provided on pay-for-performance basis.
  • Allowances: We provide health insurance schemes and medical allowance. A monthly increment of pay is under consideration.
  • Availability of raw materials: All matters and chemical compounds will be supplied by the company to avoid discrepancies in experimental findings.

Please contact us at our office address by 10.7.2011