A packaging design proposal is a document which lays down the design of a particular item cover in explicit and concrete terms. Since packaging is very important for sale and recognition of a product, it must be written discreetly by capitalizing on the attractiveness and utility factors of the product so that it charms the customers.

Sample Packaging Design Proposal

Title of the proposal: Packaging design proposal

Name of the institution making the proposal: Gothic Studio of Designing

Proposal presented to: Refresh Cold Drink

Packaging design proposal given for: Mangomania

Objective of the proposal: We have a design proposal for the drink that your company is going to launch in the market for this season. As it will be a flavored mango drink which would be a tasty and revitalizing drink for anyone, we have made the bottle design as enticing as its content.

Use of the design proposal: The design will give a boost to the advertising of the product and attract people with its appearance.

The highlights of the design:

  • We have used mainly dark colors to make the cover pictures so that it goes down well with adventure-lovers.
  • We have tried to depict a story through the cover by pictures of a man driving down a rugged peak. The pictures have been kept vague intentionally as that would arouse curiosity in the user’s mind.
  • There is a surprise factor in the way the label has been designed with letters having three-dimensional effect.

Estimated cost of the proposal: $45000

Last date of acceptance of proposal: 15th November, 2010

Download Packaging Design Proposal

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