Part time job proposal is being presented by part-time job providers to their prospective clients depicting their requirement for a particular job position. Hence, this kind of proposals should be constructed with a professional yet courteous approach.

Sample Part Time Job Proposal

Name of the Job proposal: Article writing Assistant

Prepared by: Rita Arnold

Head- Article Writing Team

Name of the company: Cherish United Co.

Date of proposal issued: 7th of July 2011

Objective of proposal:

Our company is introducing a new position of article writing assistants in the department of article writing. Our company is best known for publishing unique write ups on various subjects, products and matters. We have earned our name as the best publisher company of United States in last few years. We are planning to expand our business in this new area as freelancing is turning out to be one of the alluring fields for many people across the globe.

Most interestingly, this particular position of an article writing assistant is a part time job position which one can do sitting from the comfort of their home as well. Therefore, we are introducing this new job position for the benefit of the company and seeking response from people of all the avenues. This would also help the interested people to explore their writing skill and learn new things of this field.

Budget estimated for introducing the new position: $35000 approximately

Time required for introducing the new position: Maximum 6 months

Proposal will remain valid till-8th August 2011