Party proposal letters are presented to the concern authorities addressing the need for organizing a party. Essentially, such a document is used for outlining the plan or purpose of a party to be hosted or describe the need for the same. It must not be depicted in a tedious manner so that the intended authority deters interest from reading it. However, all the important points must be elucidated properly in order to give a clear presentation so that it becomes successful in achieving maximum responses. Party letters should be drafted in a proper way by incorporating all the essential elements.

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Sample Party Proposal Letter

Party Proposal Letter

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The Event Management Team

Flury’s Event Organizing Company, USA                                 Date: 1st May 2011

Subject: Proposal for a Dinner Party For Duke of Cambridge and his royal highness Duchess of Cambridge.

To whom it may concern

This proposal for party is being solicited by Honorable Government of America depicting the purpose and need for a dinner party that is to be hosted on 6th May 2011 marking the first time arrival of Duke of Cambridge and his royal highness Duchess of Cambridge after their marriage.

Therefore, the authority wants to organize a grand welcome party for the couple which would not only mark the auspicious occasion of their wedding but would also depict the country’s gesture. All high officials, delegates and distinguished personalities are to be invited for the party. Therefore, we would like to request the event management team to make early response of this proposal letter, along with their plan and cost estimation in details.

Yours Truly

Ministry of External Affairs

Government of United States of America