A playground is used for different types of recreational activities by a community. The constructing of a finely designed playground has got deep social perspectives of its own. The playground construction proposal is a planned draft that is presented officially to the local government or municipal authority by the company or social outfit that intends to undertake the responsibility of processing this project. The details of processing the proposal further are mentioned in a nutshell in the document. The factors such as the total estimated budget, the time period to process the whole project, the company’s address and the name of the proposal designer are also clearly mentioned.

Sample Playground Construction Proposal

Name of the company: Community Realty Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Address of the Head Office: 79 Fleet Avenue, Santa Cruz – 24, California, USA

Name of the proposal designer: Mr. Ryan Bridges

Total time-frame for completing the project: 6 – 7 months

The estimated budget for processing the project: $ 40, 000

The work details of the playground construction proposal:

  • Focusing on the features of the commercial venture with the business partner, in this case, the municipal authority.
  • Minimizing the costs and applying modern technology in building the playground.
  • Incorporating the safety regulations and also managing the application of the environmental norms.

The specific objectives of the playground construction proposal:

  • To establish a social platform for the community.
  • To provide with a very good example of playground with many facilities.
  • To create a cordial relation with the municipal authority.

Signature of the proposal coordinator: Miss Tracy Dougherty