A post it proposal is an informal but innovative way of making a proposal. It is not usually used as any official proposal by a company or organisation but individuals may use it to present their plans. A post it is a piece of paper with a little glue under the paper which one can stick on various items or in planners. It is usually used to write important notes and reminders and then stuck in such a place where it is easy to look and remember what we need to do. Since this is such a wide term, there are many ways a post it can be used to make a proposal depending on the content and objective. One of the most out of the box and popular ways of making a wedding proposal in recent times is by using a post it, where one places them in different parts of the house like clues to a treasure hunt and at the end the woman gets her ring.

Sample Post It Proposal:

Size of post it notes: 7×5 cm

Number of post-it notes: 5

Colour: Multicoloured

Purpose: To make a marriage proposal by making her read a trail of post-it notes leading to an engagement ring

Proposal content:

Dear Anna,

I love you because…

Note one: …of the way you look every morning when you wake up

Note two: … you take care of me when I am sick

Note three: … your smile makes all my trouble go away

Note four: … You encourage me

Note five: …Will you marry me?