A pre sales proposal is a proposal made to seek orders well in advance and then fulfill the orders. Pre sales of products refer to the orders to be granted for the subsequent weeks. It also focuses on increasing orders and stretching the client base. There are presales professionals hired for taking orders from clients and working only for presales.

Sample Pre Sales Proposal

Subject of the proposal: Proposal for presales of travel services

Company preparing presales proposal: Bunny Traveling Agency

Company profile: Our Company is a well known and established travel and tourism agency. It offers lucrative travel packages to local and foreign places. The next slot is going to begin from 4th of July 2011. So we are registering the names of customers who want to opt for our travel services. You can choose from a variety of places in offer. A list of the names of the places and the respective tour dates are provided so that you can plan the outings according to your convenience.

1. Singapore Malaysia Bangkok- 4th July [10 days]

2. Exotic China- 5th July [6 nights/7 days]

3. Classic Egypt- 6th July [3 nights/4 days]

4. Enchanting Europe-7th July [6 nights/5 days]

5. Fetching South Africa- 8th July [4 nights/3 days]

Rooms will be allotted family wise (minimum3 heads) in a double bedded room. Flight and railway tickets will be booked by us in advance. Food and accommodation would be arranged by us. You will have to bear the sight seeing and entry costs only.

Kindly note that bookings are open till 30th June, 2011.