A product concept proposal is a document which outlines the main tenets of a product, which will be conceptualized and implemented by a company that has been entrusted with the responsibility of the job. These types of proposals must be to-the-point and precise, and all the important areas of the product concept must be mentioned or alluded to. The product concept proposal must be supported with facts and figures, as well as images.

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Sample Product Concept Proposal:

Product Concept Proposal

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Name of company entrusted with the responsibility of a product concept proposal: Generation Inc.

Date of submission of product concept report: 12th of June 2011

Company for which the product concept proposal is being framed: Sasha’s Herbal Remedies

Nature of company: The company is a reputed dealer in herbal cosmetics and skin solutions. It has been in circulation for over ten years now, and has gathered the reputation of being a renowned and responsible company whose products are safe, effective and healing.

Nature of product for which this product concept proposal has been created: Herbal Skin Cream

Purpose of this product concept proposal:

  • Apart from formulating the most effective way of publicizing the product, which is intended at a wide cross section of women, the product concept proposal will also lay down the guidelines which will govern the execution and formation of the product.
  • The product concept proposal will also contain details of the various testing stages which the product will undergo in order to ensure its efficiency and safety.

Duration of product creation: 6 months