A product management proposal is a document which is presented by a company that intends to offer its services in product management to another company or business organization. Such a document must touch on all the crucial aspects of product management, and it must be written in a brisk, businesslike manner which is apt for a professional proposal. A product management proposal must be written carefully, incorporating all the important aspects.

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Sample Product Management:

Product Management Proposal

Download Product Management Proposal

Name of company presenting the presenting the product management proposal: ManageMakes Inc.

Date of submission of product management proposal: 2nd April 2011

Name of company for which the product management proposal will be created: Time Line Pvt. Ltd.

Product for which a product management proposal will be created:  New line of luxury watches

Certain points to be considered in the product management proposal:

  • The product management project shall involve complete handling of the product’s trajectory from your company to the store, which includes critical steps like publicity, promotion, packaging etc.
  • Our fees for this entire exercise will be in the range of 2 million USD. Further discussions regarding price shall be made at subsequent meetings.
  • We have trained product management professionals who have long experience at handling this sort of job. We have executed projects for electrical brands like Samsung, LG and Time.

We are an extremely credible firm with a reputation for delivering top class service in the least possible time. We hope you will consider our proposal [provided in more detail, in the attached dossier] and will consider working with us.