For executing any product successfully a thorough designing of plan is required prior to its development. Therefore, product plan proposal is a document utilized for proposing the plan regarding any product development or ways of processing to the potential clients or prospects.

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Product Plan Proposal

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Plan for Introducing new product

Name of the company: Portland Bakery and Co.

Date of presenting the proposal: 1st January 2011

Product proposal presented by: Janesin Feuro

Product Manager and Coordinator

Portland Bakery and Co.

About us:

Since 1896, we are serving the people by delivering various delicacies and each of it have significantly satisfied their taste buds, which is why, today we have successfully acquired a renowned position as a bakery company in the country. Our range of deliverables include Family size cakes, brownies, cookies, single piece cakes of different flavors and many other bakery products like biscuits and breads.

Objective of the proposal:

We have an intention to create customized bakery products which would help the customers to customize their products according to their choice and need.


  • At the very onset, we have planned to develop the customized family size cakes. This is because people generally prefer to have cakes of their chosen design at various occasions like wedding, birthday, anniversary etc.
  • This product would be available in any flavor according to the customer’s choice. Even the customers can choose the ingredients they want for their cake.

Customized cake’s cost will range from: $45-$200 approximately [price will differ according to the design, ingredients and size of each cake]

Last date for accepting the proposal: 1st February 2011.