A product proposal report is a document which presents different ideas and issues related to a product in the written form so that the executives can go through it and discuss how to make the products better and generate greater profits. The product proposal must first focus on describing the product, its uses and how it will be beneficial to the company. Then it should go on to explain the issues that need to be worked on in the product so as to improve its efficiency and make it a leader in the market in that particular segment. The report must consist of a summary, fund issues, and highlight points which are necessary for the effective development, improvement and marketing of the product.

Sample Product Proposal Report:

Name of company: Vibrant Colour Printers

Address: 902 Research Road, Denver

Phone number: 345436436

Product proposal report prepared on: January 7, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Gary Richards

Manager, Vibrant Colour Printers

Proposal submitted on: January 12, 2012

Proposal signed and approved by: Ann Harward

Vice-President, Vibrant Colour Printers

Proposal name: Proposal report on the development and marketing of printer model XY05

Purpose: The purpose of this product proposal report is to highlight the various features of the product, issues ad challenges and how the success of this product will be beneficial to the company

Details of product proposal report:

  • The product has gone through 2 stages of testing and is in the final stage of development before it is tested on select consumers
  • We have been successful so far in all the criteria selected in the development of the product

Estimated cost of the project: $100,000