A product proposal research is a document which is used to present the various research processes related to the development and launch of a product. When a new or old product is launched and relaunched, respectively, in the market, before doing that adequate research is required regarding the functioning of the product, how it will benefit the company, if it is the right product for the target consumer group and so on. Without conducting research, a company goes into production without homework and the results are not so profitable. A certain amount of funds will also be required to conduct the research of a product and that figure, methodology of conducting research and plan of action must be mentioned in the proposal.

Sample Product Proposal Research:

Name of company: Brilliant Toothpaste

Address: 83 Doorway Drive, Iowa

Proposal prepared on: 9 January, 2012

Proposal prepared by: Eric Manners

Sales Manager, Brilliant Toothpaste

Proposal submitted on: January 10, 2012

Proposal name: Conducting research for development and launch of new line of toothpaste

Product description: This new toothpaste has whitening effects by using special crystals and gives a fresh minty feeling

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is to conduct research on the effectiveness of the product and to see if it will click with the consumers before formal launch in the market

Other details:

  • To find out other market leaders in this sector
  • To study what the consumers are looking for and can this product satisfy their needs
  • To do research on the product and see how effective it is

Estimated cost of the project: $50,000