Product proposal template is a layout of a proposal document which is being presented by any business proposing any particular point regarding an existing or latest product manufactured by them. The document should be so framed that it must have accessibility, so that the concerned clients, customers and prospects could understand its intention clearly.

Sample Product Proposal Template

Product proposal title _________________________ [mention a suitable title for the proposal document]

Name of the product manufacturing company ______________ [mention the name of the manufacturing company by whom the product proposal is being presented]

Date of issuing the proposal ______________ [dd/mm/yy state the date when the proposal is being presented]

About us:

___________________________ [this section of the proposal must enunciate about the manufacturing company in details]

Purpose of the proposal:

___________________________________________ [state the objective behind presenting the proposal]

Product Description: [state briefly about the product description]

  • ________________ [name of the product aspect 1 that is to be described]

___________________________ [description of the product aspect 1]


  • ________________ [name of the product aspect 2 that is to be described]

___________________________ [description of the product aspect 2]

  • ________________ [name of the product aspect 3 that is to be described]

___________________________ [description of the product aspect 3]

Marketing and sales regulation ____________________________________ [mention the marketing and sales regulation process of the particular product in details]

Estimated Budget _____________________ [state an approximate budget estimated for execution of the plans related to the product]

Timeline of plan execution ______________ [mention an approximate duration for execution of product plans]

Last date of proposal valid __________________ [dd/mm/yy]

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