A product rebranding proposal is given by the product designer of the company to the marketing manager of the organization. Its main purpose is to improve the look of the product, avoid duplicity and generate better sales. Rebranding product from time to time is essential for any company for such purposes. The proposal should be carefully prepared, with all necessary inputs such as cost, time limit, and purpose.

Sample Product Rebranding Proposal:

Proposal for Product Re-branding

Proposal presented by: Chief product designer, ABP drinks Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal Presented to: Mr. Stephen Collie, marketing manager, ABP drinks Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal submitted on: 13th July, 2011.

Overview of the proposal:

With increasing corruption, duplicity and adultery all around, we propose to update our products’ look, logo and branding, to avoid any kind of discrepancy in marketing. Moreover, to stay in the company’s competitive league and generate better sales, it is necessary to rebrand the product from time to time and hence, we put this proposal before you.

Plan of work:

We propose to change the product logo and make it more bright and colorful, so as to attract more people’s attention in the market. The writing style also needs to be altered and the color of the bottles and cans are to be made uniform; a single color for all products. The estimated time needed to complete this project is two months and within six months we can launch our rebranded product in the market. The cost of this project would be approximately $ 10,000.

If this proposal interests you, then we can start working from this month itself. We are waiting for your final nod and signature of approval.

Mr. Mark Bates,

Chief product designer, ABP drinks Pvt. Ltd.

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