A product recall proposal is created in order to present the plan of action by which a product which is already in the market or has been sold to consumers will be recalled as there may be a defect. Even after the product passes the necessary testing, there may be some dangers for which it has to be called back by the company, leading to heavy losses. However, it is necessary to do that as the image of the company is on the line and they have to compensate the consumers by giving them a replacement. The product recall proposal must outline why and how a product will be recalled so that company makes the least amount of losses.

Sample Product Recall Proposal:

Name of company: Star Phones

Name of product to be recalled: DS67 batteries

Proposal prepared on: December 21, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Matthew Beaver

Sales Manager, Star Phones

Proposal submitted on: December 27, 2011

Proposal name: Proposal for recalling DS67 batteries of Star Phones

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is recall all the faulty batteries especially DS67, present in the mobile phones of our company launched in the market from January 4, 2010 to September 4, 2010

Reason for recall: Consumers are experiencing overheating of phones and some have been sick from fumes from faulty batteries

Other details:

  • Stores and priority outlets will be contacted to offer new batteries and servicing to customers free of charge
  • An extensive ad campaign will be launched to make consumers aware

Estimated costs: $200,000

Proposal signed and approved by: Ruth Rockford

Assistant Manager, Star Phones