A product sales proposal is a proposal given by a sales company to take over the sales of another company. It is given in a situation when the latter company is unsuccessful or unequipped to handle sales related affairs which affect the product’s goodwill. The product sale is then taken over by a reliable sales company.

Sample Product Sales Proposal

Name of the organization: Garrison Paintings School

Product: Paintings

Number of exhibitions held: Once every month

Proposal given by: Future Sales Company

Proposal: We wish to sell the paintings created by your school members to prominent personalities and art collectors. The beauty of the paintings made in your organization has touched a chord with many. The exhibitions conducted bear testimony to the fact that the paintings have been appreciated by one and all. So we would like to give value to the paintings by selling them and do justice to them.

The following are the benefits that will be accrued through the proposal:

  • The price of one 4 feet by 5 feet painting would amount to $6, 0000 to $8, 0000.
  • Experts and artistes would come to know of the young talent blossoming in your organization through the paintings which would help them in their career development.
  • Admiration and fame at such young stage would be a great boost for the students and learners thus motivating and encouraging them in the process.
  • Impoverished students would be able to earn money from the percentage share incurred from the sale.
  • Indirect advertisement of your organization would be directly achieved.