A product sponsorship proposal is used to approach corporations or individuals to sponsor a particular product for promotional purposes and also reduce promotion costs. A product sponsorship involves increasing its value through brand association or by associating it with big celebrity names and publications or events. That way both parties get mutual publicity and this is why product sponsorship must be based on the value and use of the product. A product which is felt to be of the same standards as the company or individual which sponsors it has more chances of being sponsored. Moreover, the target consumers must also be common or at the same level.

Sample Product Sponsorship Proposal:

Name of celebrity: Andrew Marwel, Sport star

Name of product: Glacier Energy Drinks

Proposal prepared on: December 21, 2011

Proposal prepared by: Billy Jones

Manager, Glacier Energy Drinks

Proposal submitted on: December 27, 2011

Proposal name: Proposal for sponsorship of Glacier Energy Drinks

Product description: Our products are created after extensive research and has the right balance of nutrition, refreshment and the right price

Purpose: The purpose of this proposal is request Mr Andrew Marwel to sponsor our product whereby both parties shall receive mutual publicity

Other details:

  • Mr Marwel will be given a sample of our products and if he agrees to the proposal he will be given a steady supply of the product throughout the contract
  • Mr Marwel will sponsor the product and promote it through his jersey and during interviews

Proposal signed and approved by: Danny Rogers

Assistant Manager, Andrew Marwel