Business proposals are the written offers provided to the potential buyer by the sellers. These kinds of proposals should be designed professionally, yet courteously. A professional business proposal must highlight promising aspects of a business so that it could impress the lenders and chances of receiving loans get increased.

Sample Professional Business Proposal

Name of the proposal: Cellphone solutions

Date of the proposal: 12 th May, 2011

Head of proposal design: Mr. Davis J

Executive summary: Cellphone solutions is a company that works on finding or solving any problems related to cell phones or its development. We are putting forward the proposal with the aim of releasing software that would enable the enterprise to send an individual’s communication to windows device or palm.

Total cost estimate: Approximately $ 123,000

Capital raised till date: Approximately $ 114,000

Responsibility of marketing and sales: The responsibility of marketing and sales has been given to the media partners and print media. Promotional events and conference would be conducted at various telecommunication fair inorder to present the proposal on a broad scale.

Net profit of the company estimated: Approximately $23, 00 yearly profit is estimated on implementation of the new software.

Share of the profit among its partners: Partners would get a share of 25% from the net profit after the implementation of the new software.

Last date for being a media partner: 13th July 2011

Last date for accepting the proposals for the partners: 5th September 2011

Acceptance of proposal would not be entertained after the above-mentioned date.