A professional project proposal is a special document that explains the goals and objectives of a particular profession and provides a comprehensive record of its activities and services provided. It will also provide a detailed overview of some existing or some new project that is slotted for introduction.

Sample Professional Project Proposal

Name of the Company: Intello Digitals Pvt. Ltd.

Proposal signed by: Mr. Roger Richards

Managing Head

Intello Digitals

Date of proposal for the project: 27th June, 2011

Technical overview of the project:

The primary motive of this specially designed software is to solve the ever increasing problem of virus affecting your PC. It has been effectively designed to work in a manner so as to ensure easy functioning of the machine without important data being lost or the computer getting hanged, thereby causing serious damage both mechanically and economically. Also, an added benefit of this all new technology is that you can efficiently store a large amount of data without the minimum operational problems, rather it has been skillfully provided with simple and easy-to-understand computational actions.

Benefits of the project: We accept that there are several other companies that claim to offer you something similar to either of these facilities, but not both of them efficiently amalgamated together. We can proudly say that the software we design provides a perfect blend of a technical approach with human assets. We place utmost care to keep our systems and professionals updated of the latest technologies so that we can offer you with the best deals, and the said software will be no exception.

Estimated Budget: $55000

All audio, visual and print media will cover the advertisement of the proposal.

We hope to hear from you before: 17th September, 2011

[Kindly note that the said project will start soon after and no responses to the proposal will be entertained after the given date]