A professional proposal letter is written to present an offer in front of the concerned person or persons related to a professional field. It is a document of critical concern as the format, subject, content presentation, layout and other details of the letter are given equal amount of attention by the reader. Thus, it must be written by a professional who knows how to write an official letter and how to please the reader and acquire the desired result with minimum effort. If not properly executed, it may cost the company a lot in terms of loss of contracts and money which is important for a business to flourish.

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Sample Professional Proposal Letter

Professional Proposal Letter

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The Principal

East High School

United States of America                                                        Date: 16th September, 2011

Subject: Proposal for forming an association with your school to conduct scholastic tests

Respected Sir,

We are looking forward to holding a series of tests to assess the scholastic skills of students from class 1 to class 12. It is widely known as the Test of Children’s Scholastic Aptitude and Skills (TCSAS) that estimates a child’s level of cognitive growth and interprets the scores accordingly.

We started this international program from 2009 and have witnessed stunning response. We have a team of members who are professional teachers and counsellors especially trained in conducting and interpreting these tests. This year we are planning to add your school to our list of associates seeing your students’ merit. Hope you would be equally interested in this program. For details please contact our main office.

Yours sincerely,

Walton Fox

Head Coordinator (TCSAS)