The evaluation of a project work in a company or a business organization for the purpose of rating the performance or results of the project is known as project evaluation.  A project evaluation proposal is a document which is used by certain business executives to propose ways to evaluate projects or to initiate the trend of project evaluation in the company.

Such proposals are formally drafted documents which must have a certain format or structure and should be directed towards or submitted to higher business officials for their approval. A sample of a project evaluation proposal is given below and can be used for reference or help by anyone.

Sample Project Evaluation Proposal


To devise ways to evaluate the projects handled by the company so as to come to a conclusion about their effectiveness, scope for improvement, performance of each team member and outcome.

Name of the company: Darwin enterprises

Address of company: F-45, third floor, potter’s tower, Putney bridge road, London

Contact number of company: 937493494, 982974922

Name of proposal presenter: John Snow,HR Manager, Darwin Enterprises

Proposal presented to: Kell Peters, Managing Director, Darwin Enterprises

Proposal presented on: 10th June 2014

Proposal submitted on: 13th June 2014

Proposal status: waiting

Project evaluation statement:

To evaluate all projects on the basis of the review of employee performance by the project head and to rate each project on a scale of 1-10 after its completion and client review.

Details of project evaluation:

  • We will be forming project evaluation sheets with multiple categories which will be filled in by project heads.
  • The categories will be: employee performance rate, project outcome rate, client review rating and budget compliance.
  • On the basis of each of these sheets, we will suggest ways to better the performance of projects for future reference and so that we can improve our project handling.