A project funding proposal gives complete details of the requirement of funds for a project by any company or organisation. It clearly mentions the project details, the funds required, and the benefit that the fund-lenders will get after the completion of the project.


Sample Project Funding Proposal

Name of the organization who wants the fund: Houston Young Architectures Association wants to develop a Call Centre at Ripton Square, New York as per the plan of business enlargement.


Purpose of the Proposal: Houstan architects want funds as they are fresh into this business and lack ample fund to kick off their venture. So a humble request is made on our part and investors are requested to consider this project.


Date of Commencement of the Project: The project is scheduled to start from 07.05.11.


Targeted Client: Stock market and estate investors are mainly requested to grant funds to this project as they will be given a hold of shares of the association and a complete refund at the completion of the project undertaken.


Cost expected for the Purpose: An approximate budget of $ 50, 000 is calculated and slated.


Features to be highlighted in the Project: The project will be a unique of its kind as it will be a completely transparent wall building with saint goblin reflecting glass and stainless low density polythene fixation tools.


Modes of Publicity: This proposal will be published in all English daily. The electronic media will also be appointed to publish this proposal. Additionally, leaflets for the same will be distributed among the common mass.


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