A project management research proposal refers to the proposal presented by a member of a business to conduct research related project management in the business. The proposal can be made by an individual at any level in the organisation. Irrespectively, the project promotes the use of research to improve the condition of the business. A sample of a project management research proposal is given here for reference.

Sample Project Management Research Proposal:

Date: 29th April 2013

Presented by: Jack Markson

Presented to:Mr. Benjamin Turk

Organisation Name: Henson & Grey Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

Organisation Address: 3412, Pillion Street, New Square, Chicago, USA.

Proposal Object:

The proposal is being developed to devise proper project management strategies and methods in the business by the way of research. The said research will include the collection of varied data type for the whole organisation and making of the observations in reference to the performance/ output of different projects.  Then inferences, strategy suggestions and method patterns are to be drawn on the basis of the research.

 Some Specifications:

  • Data will be drawn for all the medium scaled projects the business has launched and handled in the past 15 months.
  • The projects will be classified into the ones which accomplished the time limit and the goal set at planning level with not much difficulty and those that faced difficulty.
  • Analysis of each of the projects in different difficulty classification will be made on aspects like the strategies implemented for achievement of goals, employee count and performance, resources used and team feedback.
  • These aspects will then be compared against project success and results will be drawn.
  • Based on the result observations, the research team will draw out the best possible strategies and the best/ worst aspects of previous projects that must be inculcated/ avoided (respectively) in all the other project management schemes.