A project proposal document is one which contains a brief introduction to a particular project envisioned by an individual or a group or company to another similar group. The project proposal document is a must at any level, whether for a school project or one of national significance. It is a procedural step that must be followed at all times and the document can serve as a guide or blueprint to ensure that all steps are followed.

Sample Project Proposal Document

Name of project: Geography Project on the Natural Resources of the Sunderbans Delta.

Project proposal by: Jared Rogers, Class VII.

Project supervisor: Mrs. Amelie Langham.

Course: Internal Assessment for Geography, Standard VII, session 2012-2013.

Nature of project:

  • This project is aimed at exploring the natural resources of the world’s largest mangrove forest located in the Sunderbans Delta of the state of West Bengal, India.
  • The project shall also make an exhaustive survey of the current flora and fauna scenario in this region, the interface between man and nature and the effects of soil erosion in the Delta.
  • The project offers a number of areas of interest like harvesting of wind energy, which is also an important feature of this region. Local populations and their interaction and daily struggle under adverse environmental conditions are areas which can be tapped into in this project.
  • Lastly, samples of the unique flora and soil samples can be attached along with the project, to provide students with an idea of diverse ecological conditions of the world.