A project proposal example is a document which shows the exact manner in which we could write a project proposal. This is an important document as the example can serve as a blueprint for users who may not be accustomed to composing an effective project proposal document. The proposal must incorporate the salient features of the project, namely the subject matter, its impact on a larger scale and the expected time to completion. Care should be taken to ensure that there are no mistakes or errors of fact in the document. The project proposal example must be attractive and comprehensive.

Sample Project Proposal Example

The following is an abstract from the project proposal document presented by Emma Johnson, of class 10, as part of the Inter School Seminar on Child Labor.

Project name: The Global Outlook on Child Labor.

Date of submission of project: 23rd of June 2012.

Purpose of project:

  • To introduce briefly, the rise and historical development of child labor as a form of social oppression stemming from social iniquities.
  • To trace the steps that governments across the world have taken to curb the menace of child labor.
  • To apprise students of the problems such children face, and the ways of tackling this social ill.

Wider implications of the project:

  • This project shall raise awareness on the issue of child labor across the student community especially since this is an inter-school seminar.
  • The project has received national funding, and thus a lot rests on the project’s successful deliverance of its stated intents.

Expected time of completion: 16th June 2013.

Project supervisor: Miss. Clara Reeve.