A project proposal format is a well detailed format that is made keeping in mind a project proposal. Such documents are written and give the outline or template for a common type of a project proposal. Large organisations who require many such documents each day find these formats very useful. These formats are self explanatory and give full idea of the way a project proposal should be drafted.

Sample project proposal format:

Name of project proposal designer: [mention the name of the person who has designed the project proposal]

Name of recipient: [mention the name of the department or person to whom the project proposal has been sent]

Date of submission: [dd/mm/yy]

Name of company: [mention the name of the organisation which has taken the initiative to propose the project]

Title of project: [mention the name of the project]

Description of project: [give a brief description of the project and the type of a purpose that it shall serve]

Objective of the project:

[In points, mention the various aims and objectives that shall be achieved if the proposed project is implemented]

Monetary specifications of the project:

[Mention the funding distribution and a well described and planned estimate of the sections of the project that shall consume the costs]

Estimated duration of project completion: [mention number of months of years that will be taken to complete the project]

Target audience: [mention the number of people and the section of people who shall benefit from the project. Also mention here the amount of employment that shall be generated through this project.]