A project proposal letter is a document presented to the prospective clients or customers, stating the need of setting up a project by an individual, group or business. The tone and style of the letter should be formal and must address to the concern authority briefly outlining the plan of the project. Moreover, it should also have a courteous and comprehensive approach.

Sample Project Proposal Letter:


Mr. Tony Hill,


ABP Drinks private Ltd.

Subject: project proposal letter


After visiting your firm, our company feels that your firm has great potential and is capable of making more profit and business. Therefore, we have decided to invest an amount of $ 50,00,000 in your company for starting a new project; a new drink will be manufactured in your company, and will be marketed within a year. It will be a non alcoholic beverage, which we will try to launch by next summer. The amount include cost of equipments, infrastructure and implementation prices. The details of the product such as name, price and promotion process will be decided later after consulting with your professionals.

I feel that this offer will be profitable for you and you will be able to expand and promote your business further. I enclose herewith a detailed document and outline of the project for your perusal. We will have to discuss the financial details further with your company, before proceeding with the project. Kindly inform us if the project proposal interests you.

Thanking you,

Robert Bates,


JCP private Ltd.

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