A project proposal is a way through which an agency approached a company or an organisation with a proposal of a project. Such proposals can be either written or oral, but generally they are written for the sake of record and proof. Project proposals consist of all the details of the project which is proposed along with financial aspects of the project.

Sample project proposal:

Project information

Name of agency: Greg and co.

Address: 123-first floor, Hudson lane, LA

Contact number: 47394798497355

Name of project: Low pressure drip irrigation techniques

Project Area: Agricultural sector in Syria

Project time frame: January 1, 2011-January 1, 2011

Total project cost: $50000

The following are the project objective that the agency looks forward to achieve within the time frame:

  • Access the technical and economical feasibility of installing low cost irrigation techniques in selected water deficit areas if Syria.
  • The project shall train technicians and farmers on new techniques and methods.
  • Conclusions and recommendations shall be drawn on the feasibility of implementation.


Work Plan:

  • Organise a local workshop in collaboration with ministry of agriculture to explain low cost irrigation methods.
  • Identify the national counterparts and assign project coordinators.
  • Identify field sites where there is need for irrigation techniques to be installed.
  • Preparation of extension material in collaboration with local counterparts.
  • Analyse the findings and results to draw preliminary conclusions.
  • Organise end of project workshop.
  • Prepare the strategic guidelines for development of small scale irrigation drip systems in Syria.

Signature of agency manager:

Richard Markson