Project proposals are articles intended to present an arrangement of action, summarize the motives why the action is essential, and persuade the reader to have the same opinion and endorse the carrying out of the actions suggested. However, an article of this type may also be arranged to provide an internal reason, particularly when someone within the corporation has a scheme of how to make the corporation more lucrative or competent and needs sanction to execute the action.

To write a meaningful and informative project proposal, the following organizational structure is to be maintained.

  • The project should begin with a working title, which may or may not become the title of the project.
  • In the ‘statement of purpose’, the expected results of the project is stated. Mention the questions that might arise in the process of ongoing project.
  • In the ‘background’ statement, the interest and experience of the person doing this project is to be stated.
  • The significance of the project and what new knowledge or perspective might the field of knowledge be provided with is to be stated here.
  • Description of the project and the resources that were used are to be mentioned here.
  • In the methodology section, an outline of the procedures to be used to do this project is to be mentioned.
  • The problems that one might encounter are to be give next.
  • Lastly, with the bibliography, the project proposal is ended.

Project proposals are meant to add to the respective field of knowledge and maybe provide a new perspective.

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