A promotional proposal letter is written asking for a promotion from the concerned federation of superiors. It must corroborate the events and performances that may influence the decision to choose that particular employee above everyone else for promotion. It must be endorsed by the relevant evidences authenticating his accomplishments as outstanding and above-average. It should be presented in a manner that the corporate body feels that the promotion would not just benefit the employee but also the company as a whole. It is a serious decision and must be taken after scanning all the reports and reviews given in favour of the employee for a considerable span of time.

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Sample Promotional Proposal Letter

Promotional Proposal Letter

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Celina Workshop

Senior Sales Manager

Techno Gardens Electronics and Gadgets

6, Edith Border, Westminster                                                               Date: 5th August, 2011

Subject: Request for promotion from the current job position of an Assistant Salesman to Sales Executive

Respected Madam,

This is to inform you that I have joined your department in 2010 and I have worked diligently all this while, bringing in grand profits and success for the company. In my presence, the company has faced a gross profit of $50, 000, from 4th August 2010 to 5th December, 2010, which is much higher than that earned in the previous financial year.

This one year of concrete experience has fetched me a lot of skills to establish my tasks with more finesse. Hope I can be of greater use for the company if I am given a fair chance. Hope you would consider my request for a promotion.

Yours cordially,

George Roosevelt