A property lease proposal is a proposition put forward either by the owner of a property or the person looking forward to lease the property for residential or commercial purposes for a particular period of time by paying a monthly rent to the owner. The property lease proposal must include the details about the property and for what purpose it will be leased. The name and contact details of the lessor and lessee must be written correctly as the terms mentioned here form the basis of a lease agreement later. The rent to be paid must be clearly mentioned and any other special terms may also be proposed in the property lease proposal.

Sample Property Lease Proposal:

Name of lessee: Bryan Kent

Address: 3032 Richardson Avenue, Kansas

Name of proposal: Proposal for lease of property

Name of landlord: William Junior

Address: 102 Pine Arches, Kansas

Address of property: 3354 Golden Palms, Dallas

Proposal prepared on: February 14, 2012

Proposal submitted on: February 15, 2012

Purpose: The goal is to convince the landlord that this proposal is the most beneficial and profitable lease proposal and also lay down the terms and conditions which may be included in the agreement later

Details of Property Lease Proposal:

  • The property mentioned above shall be used for commercial purposes, that is, as a retail store for various products
  • I can pay up to $4000 as rent for leasing this property.
  • The lease should be preferably at least 2 years long but that can be negotiated
  • I am open to any additions or changes to the lease proposal