A property proposal letter is one in which an individual, a company or a business firm is willing to sell out their property; a land, estate, building or anything else. The tone must be professional and the style must be formal. The letter should include the details of the property, including price and position and other related information.

Sample Property Proposal Letter:


Mr. G.B. Harrison,

TPB Fertilizers Ltd.

Subject: Property Proposal Letter


Our company has decided to shift to a new location in the outskirts of the city. Therefore, we are planning to sell our present estate, an area of 88 acres. We are giving the property proposal to almost every major company in the city, if anyone wishes to buy the plot. We feel that your company has the potential to expand its business and profits, and therefore we feel that this plot will be well suitable for you. If you invest in this plot, you can open a new factory for your company and start a new project. The price of sale is not yet estimated by the property evaluators and will be done by next week. Moreover, the land is in close proximity to the recycle centre of the city, which will be an additional help for your fertilizer company.

I enclose herewith a blueprint and outline of the plot of land, and all the documents regarding its information. For more information, you are requested to contact the undersigned. I hope this proposal will interest you and will be waiting for your confirmation letter.

Thanking you,

Mr. Henry Gibson,

Marketing Manager,

Ebony and Ivory Ltd.

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