A proposal cover letter is an introductory letter which addresses the question of what the proposal actually embodies. It is an epistolary abstract which gives a brief outline of the proposal and the matter it contains. Since this precedes the actual proposal sequentially, it is very important as it is the first thing to be noticed.

Sample Proposal Cover Letter


Mark Collins

Executive Director

Nestile Products

Subject: Proposal for a marketing tie up between Sunshine Global and Nestile Products.

Respected Sir,

This cover letter intends to set out a few of the salient points that will be discussed in details in our proposal. We have followed the growth and meteoric rise of Nestile from the last couple of years. Looking at the values you stand for and the synergy between your enterprise and our company, we hope that a tie up will only be a natural extension of the rapport we share with you currently.

Not only will we benefit from the association with a company as prestigious and regal as yours, you will also draw advantages from the injection of new blood in your offices. We have become a force to reckon with in the world of global finance and thus an alliance can only be a happy marriage. The details of profit sharing and other issues have been alluded to in the proposal itself.

We hope to hear from you soon regarding this proposal. We have received positive vibes so far and hope to turn this relationship into something more concrete and long lasting.

Thanking you

Molly Gomes


Sunshine Global.


Proposal Cover Letters