A proposal letter example is a sample proposal letter that exemplifies the rules that govern the drafting of a proposal letter. Proposal letters basically serve as a cover letter bearing a brief overview of the content of the proposal to the addressee. Since proposal letters forms an essential component to presenting a proposal to the concerned authority, it must be composed with immense care, tact and precision.

Sample Proposal Letter Example


Rainer Fox,


Faculty of Arts,

Somerset University.

Respected Madam

Subject: Proposal to start a new department for the study of Black Literature

The letter is to present my proposal that the department of English has conceived of opening a new wing for the study and research of Black Literature and encourage more and more students to read and work in unearthing the subaltern voices

The department has already approached the Post Colonial Studies department of various universities for their financial and intellectual assistance for the project and has also spoken to some of the world famous practitioners of Black Literature for their support in this noble endeavor.  However, despite the wide range of enthusiasm surrounding this idea and the host of positive responses received from these talks, we are still short of funds and require an estimate of 2500$ for the successful setting up of the department.

Thus, through this letter, we hope to seek your assistance to help realize our dream. We hope to receive financial, infrastructural and moral support from your office so that we may be able to further our academic pursuits unhindered and carry forward the legacy of excellence that the university has come to epitomize in the world map.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Faithfully,

Lynnette Drew,

Head of the Department of English,

Somerset University

Date: April 23,2012