The proposal request letter is composed in order to gain approval for a certain idea or topic or issue etc. This can be for both business and non-business related purposes. Irrespective of the purpose, it is important to properly coordinate such a letter so as to gain approval. One must highlight the basic important points and keep it short and simple. Rarely is a long essay-type proposal approved over a more organized and brief proposal letter. Hence, the individual must have a clear idea of the concerned matter and note it down in the letter accordingly.

Sample Proposal Request Letter



Mr. Matthew Smith


Trojan High School

Springfield, Chicago-12

Sub: New equipment for the cafeteria

Dear Mr. Smith,

I have been working in the cafeteria for 10 years and would like to request for some changes that will benefit the children and the school as a whole. There is a great need to buy new cooking equipment especially a new soup pot as the old one can barely sustain the weight of water over 5 liters.

We will also need new hairnets as the old ones have all been worn and torn over time. The children have been complaining about the lack of milk cartons in the cafeteria and hence, we need to get more of those so that at least 70% of the students get it.

The cook has also requested for a new spatula since his old one has been broken for quite some time. I request you to kindly look into the requirements and do the needful.


Matilda Grey,

Cafeteria In-charge.