A qualitative research proposal is one which entails gathering details about a particular product or service or even a non-tactile trait from the reviews of people. Their opinion contributes significantly to such a qualitative research proposal. It is also a popular mode of research in the social sciences, like sociology and anthropology. The questions must be chosen carefully.

Sample Qualitative Research Proposal:

The following proposal is for qualitative research aimed at tracing the impact of the Second World War on much of European population. There are two ways of going about this proposal.

  • One is to look at the effect of the holocaust (here referring not specifically to the Shoah) on populations across countries.
  • The second manner to trace this trend is to find out the effects of the holocaust on certain specific populations like the Jews or the Romanian Gypsies.

Cost of qualitative research proposal: $ 100000000

Archives to be referred to:

  • The Auschwitz War Museum
  • Holocaust memorials in the US, UK, Poland and Israel.
  • Specific narratives that survivors and their family members have to recount. Their authenticity must be verified of course.
  • Some reconstructions of actual events like Wannsee Conference.

Purpose of this qualitative research project:

  • To provide more information about this event of world significance.
  • To continue the tradition and academic field of Holocaust studies.
  • To bring unheard stories before an audience not acquainted with the exact events of the Second World War.
  • To create a lasting and precious archive that may in turn be used by others for their projects.

By: Jason Hart, JRF, Department of Sociology, Stanford University.