A quantitative research proposal is one which outlines, with mathematical precision, the relationship between the various variables used in research in order to establish certain truths which can be generalized for similar data. It must be clear and comprehensive and the precise variables to be sued must be clearly outlined.

Sample Quantitative Research Proposal

The following is a proposal for a quantitative research project, to be submitted to the Head of the Department, Economics, Faculty of Sciences, and University of Cambridge.

Name of candidate: Martha Johnson

Current academic status: Applying for a PhD in the department of Mathematics. Have pursued and completed a M.Sc. in the subject from the University of Durham.

Main tenets of the quantitative research proposal:

  • I plan to investigate the relationship between certain medicines and their popularity in certain economic zones in developing countries like India and Bangladesh.
  • This research proposal will involve considerable knowledge of Bio-Statistics, Economics and Mathematics.

Benefits of this quantitative research proposal:

  • This quantitative research proposal is truly interdepartmental. It will make extensive use of the techniques of Bio-Statistics, Economics and Mathematics.
  • It will also enable us to figure out the economic justification behind the sale of certain, otherwise prohibited, medicines in certain economic zones. This will give us an insight in how the medicine industry works and the flaws of the healthcare sector in developing countries, where traditional healthcare is still the luxury of the rich.
  • The results discovered will be backed by mathematical and statistical evidence. It will truly be a quantitative research, based on experimental fact and evidence.