A rate proposal letter is a document which is prepared by an individual or a company seeking to suggest a rate for a certain product or as part of a contractual agreement to another company or individual. It may also be a rate revision proposal letter. Whatever be its nature, the document must be business-like, professional and crisp. The point should be made clearly and well. It must be written after thorough research and the tone should be humble and courteous. It must adhere to the specified format of such letters and it must be faultless, as the first impression created by the letter shall be a powerful one.

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Sample Rate Proposal Letter:

Rate Proposal Letter

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Samantha Rogers

General Manager

The Print Shop

New York

Subject: Rate Proposal Letter

Respected Madam,

This letter is to inform you that after deliberation and various discussions amongst our office members, we have agreed unanimously to declare $3000000 as our rate for our services to you. This will include our fees, service charges for the product to be delivered, delivery charges and extra miscellaneous charges. It is an all inclusive amount and the exact breakup of costs has been printed in the document attached to this one. The rate is reasonable in lieu of the services we are paying you, and we hope it will be acceptable to you as being the same.

We hope that in case you have anything to suggest regarding the rate we have agreed on, please contact us immediately before we proceed further on our agreement. We hope to have a smooth working relationship with you, and we are extremely optimistic about the success of our partnership.

Thanking You,

Mary Roberts

General manger

Papier Mache