A real estate business plan proposal is a kind of a business proposal which sets forth a business plan to run a real estate business. These proposals are framed by business executives and are directed towards the higher authority of the business so that he/she can accept or reject it.

Such proposals must be drafted using a formal tone or format and must be convincing enough for the recipient to accept or approve. A sample of one such real estate business plan proposal is given below.

Sample Real Estate Business Plan Proposal

Name of Real Estate Company: William and Brooks Real Estate Company

Address of the real estate company: 456, Second floor, Modern tower, P road, London

Contact number of Real Estate Company: 47930505, 47359590

Proposal presented and designed by: Jacob Mathews

Business manager, William and Brooks Real Estate Company

Proposal presented to: William Anderson, John Brooks, and Co-owners at William and Brooks real estate Company

Proposal presented on: 10th May 2014

Proposal objective: to suggest and set forth an effective and well researched business plan for the better functioning, operations, marketing and sales of the real estate business

Business Plan:

To strengthen our investment policies, to improve our marketing strategies and work on your client or customer relations with the aim of improving overall business efficiency and performance. We need to eliminate the real estate leasing structure and concentrate only on sale of properties.

Details of the plan:

  • The first step is to get rid of the entire leasing segment of the business as it hasn’t been bringing in profits and demands extra manpower and management.
  • We need to work on marketing by hiring atleast 2 marketing managers or consultants.
  • We need to look deeper into better investment strategies and options and rethink about the existing ones as they haven’t proved as beneficial as expected.