A real estate funding proposal is a generally a written document through which an agency approaches another influential company or business firm with the request of funding its project of construction of a real estate. Such proposals are generally designed first and then placed out for bid, and finally taken up by some contractor or agency. Accuracy and transparency are key factors of this type of a proposal.

Sample Real Estate Funding Proposal

Name of the organization making the real estate: Renaissance Group of Companies

Address: 89 – P/II, Houston Apartments, London.

Contact Number: 45378129528590

Website: www.renaissancerealestate.in

Head of the real estate project group: Mr. Davis Waltmore.

Purpose: To build several residential spaces, along with nice boundaries, campus, trees, fences, etc.

Project time frame: 14th September, 2011 – 30th June, 2012.

Real Estate Funding details:

  • The real estate is to be situated in a posh locality.
  • It will have access to industries as well as markets and shopping malls, hospitals and also hotels, education as well as entertainment zones.
  • The area is to be well decorated with trees and ornamentals.
  • Several facilities such as the gym, swimming pool, community centres, entertainment areas, sports grounds, parks for children and the aged, kindergarten schools, etc. will all be a part of this project.
  • The pay scale of interested buyers will be scrutinized, so as to maintain a standard of living.
  • The company interested to strike a partnership deal in this project will benefit both in terms of profitable turnover as well as customer satisfaction. Huge publicity, as planned, will also affect its marketing strategies favorably.

Estimated costs: $ 90000000

All organizations interested in funding the project are requested to contact by 25th August, 2011.