A real estate lease proposal is a kind of a formal proposal which is made by a person for a property owner of a real estate property, proposing to use a property on lease for a certain period of time.

The proposal must clearly specify the amount that the tenant is willing to pay for the lease of the property and should be convincing enough for the owner of the property. A sample of one such proposal is given below for your reference:

Sample Real Estate Lease Proposal

Name of the proposal presenter: Mr. Nathan Jackson

Address of the proposal presenter: A-45, second floor, timothy building, London

Contact number of the proposal presented: 4739570950

Proposal presented to: William Brooks

Proposal presented on: 6th June 2014

Proposal approved on: 10th June 2014

Purpose: I am writing this real estate lease proposal to propose to use your residential property situated on Redding road for a period for a period of 2 years and am willing to pay the amount as suggested byyou in your lease opening in the newspaper.

Details of real estate lease proposal:

  • I am willing to use the residential property for 2 years along with my wife and 2 children.
  • I am willing to pay an amount of $1000 per month for the use of the property and agree to use it only for residential use and not commercial use.
  • I will take care of servicing and maintenance of the apartment and will be using it under the strict guidelines of the lease opening.
  • I and my wife are both working in multinational companies and are capable of paying the rent on time which is within the first week of each month for 2 years.
  • I will not use the property for any illegal activities or events.