Whenever a company decides to make an investment into a real estate project then it prepares a proposal so as to plan the investment. This kind of a proposal is known as a real estate project investment proposal. Such proposals are used to give the objective, the aim and the details of the real estate project investment that the company is going to make and how will this investment benefit it. A sample of a real estate project investment proposal is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample real estate project investment template:

Name of the Company: Jackson Business Corporation

Address of the company: A-45, second floor, Henderson tower, Kell lane, London

Proposal prepared by: Mark Robinson, Head of Financial Department

Real estate project investment Proposal prepared on: 10th June 2014

Proposal submitted on: 12th June 2014

Status: waiting for approval

Objective of the proposal:

The primary aim and objective of this proposal is to propose the methodology of a real estate project investment that can benefit the company financially and will prove to be a smart investment to fund our future projects.

Real estate investment proposal statement: to invest in 10 real estate properties across UK for 10 years.

Details of real estate investment plan proposal:

  • We must get in touch with a real estate broker and purchase 10 real estate properties in UK with the highest probability of growing in popularity and cost.
  • After making the purchase, the company must sell the properties within 10 years at the right time to earn maximum profit from each of the investment made.
  • We shall use the profit to fund out upcoming major projects and to start international deals which have been discussed at the annual meeting.

Total estimated cost for investment: $500000

Total expected returns: $200000